Here’s the thing about me… I love to make. It helps that I absolutely love learning any new skill. I also really love the whole nature thing so a few years ago I bought this rural property with lots of mature trees and an old farm house. It’s my little piece of heaven on earth.

Over the years family and friends came to prefer my handmade gifts over purchased ones and started asking me to make them things.  I love creating and making stuff out of clay, wood, fabric and natural things or anything that’s just lying around that I can see beauty in. This results in a true abundance of things I have created. While friends and family are still very happy to receive them, I decided that I should start offering my pretties to the general public as well. Things have been going much better than expected.

Blacknot Farm was established as an outlet for my creative drive to learn new skills and try innovative techniques to bring something original and meaningful into the world.

Blacknot Farm is an actual place, idyllically set on forty acres of mature trees and gardens, featuring a rustic turn-of-the-century barn and country home. I’m proud of our old barn, lovingly refurbished for the creation and sale of original home decor, pottery, jewelry and art.

I love this work and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Cindy Johnson