At Blacknot Farm we like to make useful fun things that we ourselves enjoy having. Maybe it comes from living in the country, on a funny kinda farm, where everyone pitches in and gets busy. When it’s all done, taking time to sit back, have a laugh over a soda or a glass of wine is one of those moments in life we should all try and make.

Canadian Printed Wool or Cotton Socks








Canadian made traditional wool or cotton socks. Bottom of socks, the sole, are printed with ‘If you can read this’ and ‘Please bring me a beer’ or ‘Bring me a glass of wine’ and many other options!

Socks are gender neutral but beverage and location specific:
SMALL fits women’s shoe sizes 1-4 AND men’s shoe sizes 2-5
MEDIUM fits women’s shoe sizes 4-8 AND men’s shoe sizes 5-8
LARGE fits women’s shoe sizes 9-12 AND men’s shoe sizes 9-13
X-LARGE fits men’s shoe sizes 13-15

Material: wool or cotton socks