Decor for home and cottage

Everyone has their own personal style of decorating. At Blacknot Farm we look to the country to add a rustic or timeless feel to our creations. Creations that focus on soothing the soul, embracing the natural world and giving new purpose to everyday objects. We hope to be part of your day through our growing collection of home and cottage decor.

dragonfly burlap pillowWildlife Pillow

Our multi wash and dry process makes the burlap of this pillow super-soft and very cuddly. The burlap is backed with muslin and double stitched on the edges and stuffed with a soft polyester fibre. The screen printed dragonfly, bird or butterfly has hand painted white accents that blend beautifully with the burlap to add a great vintage or country feel to the pillow.

Decoration: bird, butterfly or dragonfly
Made in Manitoba
Size: 14″ x 14″
Weight: 1 lb
Color: Brown
Material: 100% burlap, muslin and polyester fibrefill

butterfly burlap pillow

bird burlap pillow