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At Blacknot Farm we like to make useful fun things that we ourselves enjoy having. Maybe it comes from living in the country, on a funny kinda farm, where everyone pitches in and gets busy. When it’s all done, taking time to sit back, have a laugh over a soda or a glass of wine is one of those moments in life we should all try and make.

Canadian Printed Wool or Cotton Socks

If you can read this please bring me a beer, socks, cotton, woolblacknot farm, socks, cotton, wool, if you can read this please bring me a wine, socks, wool, cotton

Canadian made traditional wool or cotton socks. Bottom of socks, the sole, are printed with ‘If you can read this’ and ‘Please bring me a beer’ or ‘Bring me a glass of wine’.

Socks are gender neutral but beverage specific:

SMALL fits women’s shoe sizes 1-4 AND men’s shoe sizes 2-5
MEDIUM fits women’s shoe sizes 4-8 AND men’s shoe sizes 5-8
LARGE fits women’s shoe sizes 9-12 AND men’s shoe sizes 9-13
X-LARGE fits men’s shoe sizes 13-15

Material: wool or cotton socks

cotton wool sock example
Cotton left, Wool right