DIY Spring Decor Heart


DIY Spring Decor Natural Decor Twig Heart These DIY spring decor heart twig hearts are easy to make with some basic free and inexpensive materials. Each one is unique and they look great on the mantel, a shelf, counter or wall. Made with some twigs, wire, hot glue and spray paint they are perfect for spring and Valentine’s day décor!

Mother Nature provides us with a lot of natural and free crafting materials so we might as well make good use of it all. This nature craft uses minimal readily available supplies and is good for adults and older kids who can handle a hot glue gun safely or with supervision.


garden trimmers

Any clippers will do but these are my dream clippers from Lee Valley here


Again any type of twigs will do as long as they are green wood! This means they have some life in them still and won’t break in two when you bend them. I have trimmed up and used the suckers from the crabapple trees, willow branches and even poplars.

craft wire, floral wire OR twist ties

If you want to hang this pretty heart outside I suggest using wire on all of the connections, as hot glue will not stand up to the elements.

hot glue gun and glue sticks

My mini glue glue gun does the trick.

blow dryer

Most ordinary blowdryers get hot enough to use on high heat to get rid of any hot glue webs.


Spray paint is fast but acrylic paint and a brush works too. (Optional!)

Instructions TO DIY YOUR HEART

STEP 1 – Enjoy nature

Get out there and take a walk! Enjoy nature while you use your trimmers and a basket or box to gather up some twigs. You will want thinner twigs for this project about the thickness of a pencil or thinner. Lot’s of branching twigs is good too!

Gathering materials DIY Spring Decor Natural Decor Twig Heart 2

Step 2 – Forming the heart outline

Grab two of the bigger longer branches and hold them at the thick ends. Wrap wire around them and make sure they are secure. Spread the tops apart where connected with wire to create the bottom point of the heart.

step 1 step 2

With the twigs laid out on a flat surface, first bend the right twig towards the middle and secure with wire on the left side.


step 3

step 3

Do the same with the left twig securing it to the right side.step 4step 5

Move the left and right sides together until it forms a nice heart shape and then use wire to secure the centre where the two twigs meet. You want to wire these in place as they will be under a bit of tension and holding your heart shape.

step 6


STEP 3 – Filling in the heart shape

Trim the overhanging twigs away from your heart shape.

step 7

Arrange the off cuts and more twigs across the heart and secure them with hot glue. Place them first and decide what looks good to you and then hot glue in place.

step 8

step 9

You can add as many as you like until you get the look you desire. Secure the twigs where they meet each other and the original heart outline with more hot glue and trim with clippers where necessary.

DIY Spring Decor Heart step 10


Step 4 – clean up the heart and paint

Clean up any hot glue webs by blasting it with your hair dryer on high heat. Don’t move your heart again until it has cooled down or you could dislodge some of the twigs.

step 11

If you like, spray paint your heart your desired colour or to match your décor.

step 12


Pretty, natural and handmade! This pretty DIY spring decor heart adds a little love and nature to your home. Make a large one for the mantel or a teeny one for your tiered tray kitchen display.

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DIY Spring Decor Natural Decor Twig Heart step 13


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